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Lambton County Area Tree Service provides tree care, stump removal and grinding, pruning and trimming services to Lambton County and surrounding areas.

These guys are amazing. Compassionate, caring and 100% trustworthy. Thank you so much for your amazing help!
Nicole T. London

Just a few Customer Testimonials

My cat, Tails, had got stuck about 30 ft.high in a tree. He had been there for nearly 30 hours before a random act of kindness had pulled into my driveway. Ernie Roberts from Limbwalkers Tree Service had taken my call and assured me he would do what he could. My boyfriend and I just had a baby and don’t have much extra cash to pay the $100-$200 that other tree service companies had asked for. Even after getting a call back saying that we couldn’t afford the service, Ernie and his young helper, Ben Dolson arrived to my place with a ladder and equipment ready. Ben had climbed the tree and came back down without a scratch, with Tails in hand. They were very professional, compassionate and wonderful. I just want others to remember that there are good people out there. Thank you so much Ernie & Ben for your amazing help!

Caring Tree Company Saves Kitty From Tree, Jay Duke

We had an old maple tree removed by Ernie and the crew. It was very interesting watching the entire process unfold. They removed our tree very quick and methodically. Very professional and friendly. They even protected our lawn from damage. Really great job, very reasonable price as well. I would highly recommend Limbwalker and would use them again for sure.

London ON, J. Kenny

Dear Ernie
Wayne & I would like to say thank for taking down the huge Spruce Trees so professionally in our back yard. The clean up you did was so well done. I honestly thought we would have to do that part of the job ourselves,so you can well imagine my surprise to find the back yard where the work was completed looking so good. GREAT JOB! Ernie .And again thank you.
Sharon & Wayne Zelenko
Wayne ThorFoot

Limbwalker Tree Service

Lambton County Professional Arborists

Backed by nearly 40 years of experience, Limbwalker Tree Service provides tree care, stump removal and grinding, and trimming services to Lambton County and the surrounding areas. Our family-owned and operated company is led by long-time arborist and chainsaw instructor, Ernie Roberts. Ernie is well known in the region for his arboriculture work, as well as friendly, dedicated service.

Tree Trimming Experts

To maintain your tree’s proper growth, it should be trimmed by a professional every three to five years. To schedule your tree trimming, call Limbwalker Tree Service today!

I have had tree work done by Ernie Roberts of Limbwalker Tree Service for over twenty years in two housing complexes that I have managed.  Ernie is a skilled arborist with good work ethics.  He is on time, reliable and ensures that the job is done correctly.  Ernie has always provided us with written quotes and if there was a need to alter that work he always met with our group to ensure that we understood the need for a change.  Our trees had previously been butchered by another reputable company and they were a mess.  Ernie was able to repair that damage and return our trees to a luscious state.  Limbwalker Tree Service has a proven track record and we would not heistate to refer this company for your tree work.
K. Hickman

Hats off to the team from Limbwalker, we’ve used other tree services over the years and nothing compared to the level of True Professionalism we’ve experienced after using Limbwalker..Witnessed first hand that tree trimming is a “true art form” now our shaggy overgrown trees now look like postcards, just beautiful.. We had cheaper quotes but glad we choose these guys.. when we got home from work, much to our surprise, our property and roadway were completely spotless, other than our newly refurbished backyard after them being here, you’d never know they were on our property because they left it Spotless, honestly better than before they arrived. Thanks again for an amazing job Ernie Carl and Terry.. Very Impressed
Chuck Rogers

Good hard-working people doing their job honestly and properly! Safety precautions were good and the clean up was prompt and thorough. Many thanks.
Victoria Rubin

5 stars all around! Through the years I have gone with a few different Tree Services for some maintenance work but have never had such amazing work done 100% to my liking as I have now received from Limbwalker Tree Services. They are absolutely educated in their line if work plus more and they definitely aim to please! While they didn’t have the lowest estimate I was so glad that I paid the extra couple dollars to have them come out and take care of and make my trees look gorgeous! I can honestly say that I will never go to another service again! Not only were they polite but you could tell they really loved what they do, even taking the time to explain things and teach me a few things about arboriculture as well. I can’t say enough about these guys! I definitely recommend making Limbwalker Tree Services your go to company for all your Tree care needs. You won’t regret it! Pricing isn’t everything, I’ve found the cheaper you go, the less they aim to please.. Thank you so much guys at Limbwalker! My yard is beautiful thanks to you. I look forward to Future business.
Nette Brennan

These guys are amazing. Compassionate, caring and 100% trustworthy. Thank you so much for your amazing help!

Nicole T., London

You will never get any better than Ernie at Limbwalker. Truly professional and believe me I have used other tree services in the city and none compare. He is not the cheapest, but the job is done to perfection including clean up. I don’t hesitate to refer Limbwalker to anyone needing trimming or removals. I have used Limbwalker for over 10 years now and would not consider using anyone else!

The guys were very professional and helpful. We had a large ash tree that was dying in our yard and they took in down with a minimum of fuss.
Nikki Foreman

Sarnia Tree Trimming, Pruning and Tree Removal Services

To ensure and maintain the health and proper growth of your trees, industry standards recommend Trimming and Inspection done every 3-5 years. Port Lambton, Sombra, Courtright, Corunna, Sarnia, Wallaceburg, Dresden, Brigden and Surrounding Areas